Saturday, September 3, 2011

Etched in Time

The wood and glass case just outside the Genealogy & Local History Department always holds outstanding displays related to genealogy and local history done by various people. This time is no different as our display creators have really outdone themselves. September's display is called "Etched in Time" and is a timeline of the photography process put together by Michelle Trueblood and Janet Winrotte. Using glass plate negatives that Michelle found abandoned in a storage unit, they made digital copies of the negatives and actual photos were created from the slides. The glass plates are of street scenes in Kempton, Indiana including a street fair, the Kempton school ball teams, and one of a farmer with his horses from around 1908. Michelle & Janet included a timeline with dates when each photo printing process was popular. Ask at the Reference Desk in the department to see the full printout of the timeline and see the information on how to archive glass plate negatives.