Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March is here, and that means the madness begins!  People are mad about the weather, and March brings the spring solstice....hopefully spring will be around the corner.  

Others are mad about having to get their taxes done, but the AARP is still hard at work here at the Library on Tuesdays and Thursdays filing taxes for free.  They will be here until April 14, but you need to call FIRST to make an appointment:  765-626-0841.  

Maybe you are part of the majority of Hoosiers who are  mad about basketball!  Well, this is YOUR favorite month, because the college teams will be playing non-stop.  The March Madness bracket chart reminds me a bit of a Genealogy Family chart:  
Hmmm...maybe when you finish filling out your Bracket chart, you may want to attend the Genealogy for Night Owls coming up on April 17 and try your hand at some genealogy research.  

I'm a bit mad about the slow speed in which I am getting those yearbooks posted to the Howard County Memory Project.  But soon, we will have two summer interns typing feverishly to update our collection. Oh, and speaking of yearbooks,  did you know the Genealogy Department now has the 2014 Eastern, Kokomo, Northwestern and Western yearbooks?  (Taylor did not publish one)  Give me a few more days and by the end of March I should also have the Graduation List updated to include graduates up through 2014.  

Yes, March is the month of madness...so make the most of it here at the Library, or in the comfort of your home with our online resources

 Oh, and did I tell you how MAD I am that I have to wait until January 2016 for the next installment of Downton Abbey????Arghghgh!   - Melanie