Saturday, April 17, 2010

Increase in Genealogy Patrons

GLHD has noticed an increase in the number of patrons making use of the research facility. Could it be because of the television program “Faces of American” with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. which was on PBS in February & March? The show highlighted 12 renowned Americans. Could it be the current television program “Who Do You Think You Are?” with Lisa Kudrow? This show is on NBC on Friday nights. The show was recently picked up for another season, so it will have new and fresh faces this fall. Could it be Brigham Young University’s “Generations Project” at where they present average, everyday people and their family history stories? Could it be the Genealogy & Local History Department’s new BLOG at (or link to it from the Genealogy page at )? This makes it easy to keep up with the events and news from the department and the Howard County Genealogical Society. Could it be that people heard me on the WWKI radio program “MaleCall” at 100.5 fm talking about the resources here in the department? If you missed it, you can replay the pod cast by going to . There could be many reasons why there is a noticeable increase in the interest in genealogy, but it is probably because people are realizing that they want to learn about the lives of their ancestors and in turn where they themselves come from. Remember, your genealogy research is never done, so come in and visit the Genealogy & Local History Department and see what we can do for you.

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